Samara, st. Centralnaya Str. 28


Sauna with pool

A cozy family hotel in Samara «Four Seasons» is not only a comfortable place for sleeping and rest.
To our guests we offer to spend time in three beautiful Finnish saunas, each of which has its own swimming pool, steam room, relaxation room and dining area. All the furniture in the saunas is made of natural wood, for the decoration of the walls also used wood in combination with ceramic tiles.

Hotel with swimming pool

If you are tired on the road or have experienced stress, the opportunity to soak in the sauna and swim in the pool is a great way to relieve fatigue and relaxation, much more effective than traditional showering, which you will be offered in most hotels in Samara.
Fresh repair, perfect cleanliness, wood tar aromas, comfortable furnishings and home comfort are the distinctive features of our saunas, where there is always room for a big company or a close family circle.
Comfortable rest and a complex of water procedures — without leaving the hotel. Our saunas in Samara are:

• cleanliness and comfort;
• home atmosphere;
• comfort and convenience;
• low prices.

Inexpensive sauna

Agree that it is convenient, especially for visitors who do not know the city, to get an opportunity to visit the bathhouse in Samara, inexpensively, without going outside the hotel and without wasting time on long searches through ads in the newspaper or the Internet. At the Four Seasons Hotel, in the comfort level of our saunas, each of our guests can be convinced on the spot.

We try to make the rest of our guests as pleasant as possible, so that each of them wants to return to our small oasis of comfort and warmth.

Available services and options:

• Pool
• Banquet area
• Plasma panel
• Cable TV
• Shower
• Own food and alcohol
• Brooms
• Wi-Fi
• Parking for customers
• 24-hour taxi service
• Restroom

Price 1000 rubles / hour — up to 6 people; 1200 rubles per hour for up to 10 people (minimum booking for 2 hours)

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